Deep Sea Fishing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

I have been spending a lot of time going through all of my old SD memory cards from my GoPro and camera lately and it has been very liberating to reminisce on all of the adventures and travels I have been on in the past few years. This week I decided to take the time and edit about an hour of deep sea fishing GoPro footage from Puerta Vallarta Mexico with my very own father and my older brother during our stay at the Riu Hotel for my younger brothers wedding.

We started off the day going for Marlin and managed to see one giant marlin jumping into the air over and over but I missed to capture any on video so we spent the second half of the day going for some smaller fish to get our moneys worth and maximize our experience for the day.


First Time Flying a Drone

Well it’s not the most expensive drone but it’s kind of like buying your first vehicle when you were 16. Don’t buy a good one until you actually learn how to drive properly so consider this Walmart purchased drone my test vehicle.

It’s not an amazing video but it’s just something I felt I should add to the bucket list of things I’ve tried and done. ┬áTry not to fall asleep!