Another Weekend in Idaho

So a couple of buddies and I decided to head south and try out some last minute skiing in Canada and Idaho at Castle Mountain, AB and Schweitzer Ski Resort near Sand Point, Idaho.  Unfortunately both places had below average snow conditions so we managed to find some other random things to do to make the best of our time while down there.

Watch a couple short videos to see what we found to do:



Another Great Weekend in Idaho from Kurtis Dulle on Vimeo.

Potato Gun Madness in Idaho 🙂 from Kurtis Dulle on Vimeo.

Keeping Busy

2017 has been a roller coaster like no other so far… It’s been filled with financial stress, loss of loved ones, injury and luckily enough a little bit of adventure in between to somehow find a way to keep on living and enjoying each day the best I can.

It has been a tough couple months for close friends and family who have suffered major losses in their life and I haven’t exactly been there for my friends and family the way I should have been through their tough times which is why it makes it even harder to post joyful life events like these videos now.

But I realized that if I stop sharing the positive moments in my own life then I will never find happiness from all the sadness around me and I too will miss out on life and we need to continue to keep on living life and motivating each other and inspiring each other as best we can no matter what life challenges us with.

To sum up this video I went snowboarding a couple times, hitched a ride with my parents to a family funeral in Revelstoke and made some pitstops along the way at Johnson Canyon and  Moraine Lake at Lake Louise, and I might have even adopted my first ever Betta fish named “Barney”.   He currently owns and operates “Barney’s  Bamboo Beach Bar & Resort”.


Keeping Busy from Kurtis Dulle on Vimeo.

Fresh Powder Day On The Mountain

This was my 4th time at Sunshine Village Ski Resort in Banff National Park, Alberta Canada and I will honestly say that it was for sure one of my top 3 best days on the mountain snowboarding. The snow continued to fall all day long while the sun shined off and on all day making the conditions almost perfect for an all around snowboarding experience. I have been using the “Quik” app on my Iphone a lot lately to create an “all in one” compacted video of all of the short recordings I take throughout the day on my adventures. It’s an easy to use app once you learn how to use the basic tools and I highly recommend it to anyone else who likes to share their life stories.

Enjoy the video,